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Hawkes Trademark Law is a San Diego, California based law firm that provides nationwide services for Trademark Clearance, Trademark Registration, Trademark Licensing, Copyright Registration, Protection and Enforcement of Trademark and Copyright rights, and full service business law matters.

For nearly two decades, Karen Hawkes, Esq. and her team have been working side by side with entrepreneurs identifying, registering, and protecting their Intellectual Property which include their Trademark and Copyright rights in the U.S. and internationally, as well as serving as their Corporate and General Counsel.

Hawkes Trademark Law assists clients in determining the best trademark to represent and brand their products, goods or services to create consumer recognition and goodwill, by performing complex Trademark Clearance Searches. San Diego business lawyer Karen Hawkes has registered hundreds of trademarks throughout her career. She aggressively protects her client’s trademarks from infringement and has significant experience representing clients before the Trademark Trial and Appeals Board and in State and Federal Courts. Ms. Hawkes further represents clients in copyright registration, protection and enforcement, and has aggressively represented clients in copyright infringement cases. Because Ms. Hawkes highly values the innovation, risk-taking, trust and strength of entrepreneurs, Ms. Hawkes also provides trusted business law services for all businesses ranging from start-ups to small businesses to well-established corporations. Such services include Corporate formation, LLC (Limited Liability Company) formation, drafting and negotiation of contracts and agreements. Hawkes Law, APLC serves clients statewide in California and nationwide. If you have a Trademark, Copyright or Business matter and seek a trusted advisor, contact Karen Hawkes, Esq. at Hawkes Law, APLC for a confidential consultation.

Trademark Law

At Hawkes Law, APLC we provide full service trademark representation for clients. For individuals and start-up businesses, to well-established businesses, we assist in branding by helping clients choose the best identifying and most registerable trademark for their business. We guide our clients through the trademark application process with ease. Our trademark application and registration services are provided on an affordable flat fee basis. We regularly communicate with the examiners at the USPTO throughout the application and registration process. We have successfully responded to an extensive amount of office actions from the USPTO which resulted in trademark registrations. After we achieve a trademark registration, we provide trademark policing and trademark watch services, and trademark maintenance. If you have a trademark you would like to protect, please contact us for a confidential consultation.

Hawkes Law, APLC also provides full service trademark litigation representation before the Trademark Trial and Appeals Board (“TTAB”). We have significant experience in both the prosecution and defense of trademark Opposition Proceedings and trademark Cancellation Proceedings. A trademark Opposition can be filed against a pending trademark application in the United States Patent and Trademark Office (“USPTO”) challenging the registration of the trademark. A Cancellation Proceeding can be filed against a currently registered trademark in the USPTO seeking to cancel such trademark. An Opposition Proceeding or a Cancellation Proceeding is an administrative litigation and requires an experienced trademark lawyer to provide representation. At Hawkes Law, APLC, we have successfully represented numerous parties in Trademark Opposition Proceedings and Trademark Cancellation Proceedings. Our goal is to resolve the dispute in the least amount of time and at the lowest cost possible. We understand that time is money and we want our clients to get back to their craft as soon as possible. In the event that resolution is not possible, we have the experience to aggressively defend or prosecute the proceeding to trial. If you have received a Notice of Opposition or Notice of Cancellation or would like to bring the same, please contact us for a confidential consultation.

Hawkes Law, APLC also provides full service trademark litigation representation before the state and Federal Courts throughout California. We have significant experience in both the prosecution and defense of trademark infringement claims, false advertising and unfair competition claims. At Hawkes Law, APLC, San Diego business attorney Karen Hawkes has successfully represented numerous parties against trademark infringers, as well as defended unfounded claims. We strive to reach the best and most cost-effective resolution for our clients. In the event that resolution is not possible, we undoubtedly have the experience and ability to aggressively prosecute or defend the case to trial. If you have a trademark infringement claim or have been sued for trademark infringement, please contact us for a confidential consultation.

Trademark licensing is a lucrative way trademark owners can increase revenue while maintaining ownership of their trademark. Hawkes Law, APLC, we have significance experience in licensing trademarks through drafting licensing agreements and negotiating royalty payments. If you have a trademark you would like to license, please contact us for a confidential consultation.

At Hawkes Law, APLC, we have significant experience registering copyrights with the U.S. Copyright Office, prosecuting and defending copyright infringement litigation, and DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) compliance, as well as licensing and the purchase and sale of copyrights. Registering a copyright is a very important part of copyright ownership. While a copyright author holds ownership of a copyright in a work when it is created, a party must have registered the work before the party can commence an action for infringement. A federal registration provides the copyright owner with exclusive benefits. As a result, to get the most possible protection in a case of infringement, it is important to obtain a federal registration of your copyright as soon as possible after your work is created. We provide flat fee services for copyright registration.

Hawkes Law, APLC has significance experience in drafting internet privacy policies and terms and conditions, as well licensing copyrights through drafting licensing agreements and negotiating royalty payments.

Business Law

At Hawkes Law, APLC, we have significant experience in business law and legal matters pertaining to business entities. We assist clients in business entity formation in the State of California. We review each client’s business model, goals and resources to determine the best business entity for their situation. We routinely form business entities including 1) Incorporation for S Corporation, C Corporation and Professional Corporation, as well as LLC formation. At Hawkes Law, APLC, we can assist with business name searches, name reservations, drafting all legal documents associated with you new entity; filing Annual Statement of Information; securing EIN; and serving as agent for service of process at the California Secretary of State.

In addition to business entity formation, Hawkes Law, APLC regularly drafts and negotiates business contracts including:

  • Work for Hire agreements;
  • Independent Contractor agreements;
  • Purchase and Sell Agreements;
  • Non-Disclosure Agreements;
  • Confidentiality Agreements;
  • Shareholder Agreements;
  • Employment Agreements;
  • Website Terms and Conditions related to website and internet law;
  • Privacy Policies; and
  • Entertainment law Talent Agreements.

Consult an Experienced Trademark, Copyright and Business Law Attorney in San Diego and Its Surrounding Counties

If you need to file a trademark application, copyright application, file or defend a trademark infringement or copyright infringement lawsuit, form a business entity, draft or negotiate a business contract, contact San Diego business lawyer Karen Hawkes to guide you through the process. Hawkes Law, APLC, represents clients in San Diego County and throughout Southern, Central and Northern California. Contact your trusted advisor, Hawkes Law, APLC at (619) 241-9168 for a confidential consultation.

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Meet Karen Hawkes

Karen Hawkes, Esq. is an experienced, strong and trusted trademark, copyright and business law attorney. She has focused her legal career helping individuals and business owners identify their intellectual property needs specifically tailored to trademark and copyright matters.

Client Reviews

Karen has been a tremendous resource for me and my husband. She helped both of us to incorporate. It was an easy process with her and we both greatly appreciated it. She has been a resource for answers to help guide us in the right direction as business owners. We appreciate her and her expertise.

W. F.B.

Legal questions often catch us off guard, luckily Karen is always there to set us on the right path. She has made our company safer and more secure with her guidance, for which we are extremely grateful! Thanks, Karen.

C. K.

Karen Hawkes is my attorney for all my licensing support. I have worked with her for several years as I filed for word and copyrights and other licensing filings. She is so easy to work with and really listened to what your goals are for your project. She gets things done and can fight anyone that...


I was pleased to have found Attorney Karen Hawkes Law to help with my copyright infringement dilemma. She was friendly, professional, considerate, and helpful during a challenging time I was experiencing in my life regarding a prized photograph of mine being infringed upon. She assured me she would...


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